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West Bowling Activity Group (WBAG) works with and/or have received funding from the following organizations/agencies for the benefit of the community based in the West Bowling area:
Waste Recyling Environmental Ltd (WREN)
Have provided WBAG with significant funds for the re-development of facilities at the Madni Centre. We are hoping to re-locate to our new premises during the summer.

Bradford City Challenge Foundation Ltd (BCCF)
BCCF have provided WBAG with funding for several years for different projects related to improving education among the local community by proving better facilities, educational materials and training courses.

Bradford Trident
We have been working closely with Bradford Trident on various projects.  They helped us set-up our organisation with a start-up grant.

Workers Education Association (WEA)
WEA have provided several training courses mainly for women at our premises over the last year such as IT Training, Yogalates and Aromatherapy.
Bradford College
Bradford College have provided training courses such as Childcare level 3.

West Bowling Islamic Society (WBIS)
WBIS are our landlords and have been very helpful in providing facilities, help and advice over several years.

Madni Academy
We work closely with the Madni Academy to organize joint events such as day trips, sports, education sessions, etc.

Newton Street Day Centre (NSDC)
NSDC are also tenants within the same building and we have worked together on several projects catering for the adult group.

Bowling Old Lane Cricket Club (BOLCC)
BOLCC have kindly provided us with facilities for sports events over several years. We have worked together on several projects such as BD5 Dads, Community Sports Development, Sports Day for 5-18 year-olds, etc.

West Bowling Youth Initiative (WBYI)
We have worked together for several years for the mutual benefit of both organisations.

Bradford Council
The Community Play & Activities Development Unit of the Bradford Council have provided us with help, advice, training and financial help of recent years for various activities such as sports day, IT classes, swimming, day trips for youngsters, etc.

CNET have provided funding to WBAG for various projects over several years. CNET was developed in 2001 as Bradford's local Community Empowerment Network in order to support voluntary and community sector representation on the local strategic partnership.